At The Edinburgh Table Company, each item is a handmade bespoke piece made to order and size by skilled craftspeople. Our tables and benches come in a variety of styles using reclaimed and sustainable Scottish timbers. We build furniture with quality and character.

Our Story

The Edinburgh Table Company brand has been under new ownership (by Stirling Design Ltd) since mid-November 2018 when we moved operations from Galashiels to our present workshop in Selkirk. Our workshop was originally a dairy and then a mill and we build and finish our furniture all under one roof. Shortly afterwards we began to realise the quality of the existing tables was not as good as it could be so the new team of table makers have made significant improvements to the build quality and finish of our products. We would encourage you to view tables in person at our workshop, click here for more details, where you will receive a warm welcome and get to meet the people who will build your table. We are an independent company with no affiliations to any other table companies.

Our tables have character and are built to the highest quality and this is reflected in our prices. We believe using reclaimed wood is not an excuse for poor workmanship, we build only a small number of tables in a week with each table being built from start to finish by the same maker to our exacting standards. Each piece of wood has its own character be it original dents and scratches, missing knots, minor splits and discolouration but are finished to a glass smooth surface.

We attend various shows during the year to exhibit our products so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.

Our Furniture

Created to look like original farmhouse tables, our reclaimed timber handmade tables add a touch of character and beauty to any home. We think that wood should look and feel like real wood with a beautiful grain and texture. Every table is unique thanks to the individual characteristics of each piece of reclaimed wood. We also make tables from Beech, Oak, Ash and Elm, please call us for further details.

For us the terms ‘rustic’ and ‘reclaimed’ aren’t an excuse for poor workmanship. Our tables are the finest reclaimed wood tables you will find on the market and are guaranteed against cupping and warping so there is no need to worry about wobbling plates and wine glasses! The top is fixed to the frame in a way that allows it to ‘float’ so when the boards expand and contract, which they will do with the seasons and environmental conditions, they don’t separate or split the frame. They are carefully sanded, which maintains their features but results in a glass smooth waxed or polyx-oil finish. We also sand and seal the underside of our tables so you won’t find any dirt on our tables or get splinters!

To compliment the reclaimed timber top you can choose from a classic turned leg, a contemporary tapered leg, a metal leg, A-Frame leg or a modern straight leg. Tables are available in sizes up to 11ft long and in a variety of widths to fit your needs. Each table is finished off with Farrow & Ball period colours and a choice of wax, oil or polyx finishes. As each table is made to order we can create your ideal table which will be fit for use for many years.